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Martial arts

Martial arts exercises contribute to explosive strength and muscular endurance. There is also a greater focus on cardiovascular performance, agility, and speed, as one must […]

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Dancing is a full-body workout that is actually fun at the same time. It’s good for your heart, makes you stronger, and can help with

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Cardio exercises are a great way to keep your heart healthy and maintain your figure. They help burn calories, lose weight, reduce stress, and improve

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Aerobic exercise is a low-to-high-intensity exercise that depends primarily on the aerobic energy generation process. “Aerobic” is defined as “relating to, involving, or requiring oxygen”

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The first postulate of the fitness discipline is to correct your body position and achieve better psycho-physical health. Although the most common perception of fitness

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Pilates is much more than training and maintaining physical fitness. Apart from shaping the body, this discipline clears the mind and gives energy and inner

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Spa treatments include various types of massages and body treatments, saunas, infrared rooms, steam and salt baths, jacuzzis, etc. The benefits of regular spa visits

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Yoga is a traditional spiritual and practical system that originated in India in 3000 BC. The very term yoga means union, concord, and tight junction.

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Swimming has numerous benefits: strengthening the body, losing weight, rejuvenating, calming, and many others. FitKit lets you fit swimming into your schedule. You can try

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