FitKit for companies

FitKit application as a benefit for employees

FitKit helps companies encourage employees to be physically active and give them more flexibility in taking care of their health by accessing 300+ different exercise and relaxation activities in over 150 locations across the country.

FitKit allows employees to self-select the exercise and relaxation activities that best suit them at a time and place that fits their schedule.

How does FitKit for companies work?

What packages does FitKit offer for companies?

FitKit offers flexible corporate offers based on credits, subscriptions, or custom-made.

Flexible offer with CREDITS


  • Секој корисник има фиксен број на кредити (минимум 16).
  • Искористеноста на кредитите на крајот на месецот не влијае на договорот.


  • Се наплаќа врз основа на искористените кредити.
  • На крајот на месецот, се наплаќа само бројот на искористените кредити од секој вработен.

Flexible offer with SUBSCRIPTION


  • An unlimited number of visits for all types of activities at all available times.
  • An exception is the SPA category.


  • An unlimited number of visits for all types of activities at all available times.
  • Including the SPA category.


  • Personalized packages according to the needs of each employee.
  • Number of credits valid for the whole year and payment only for used credits.
  • If the employee uses 50% of the credits, they are transferred from one package to another to reduce costs for the company.
  • ТTriglav private health insurance with FitKit Active package.
  • Half is paid by the company, and half by the employee.

FitKit Plus for companies

FitKit Plus is a new upgrade to our product that will allow your employees to exercise from the comfort of their own homes at any time of the day.

FitKit Plus is a web platform with unique on-demand fit programs in pilates, yoga, and functional trainings that users can unlock for 15 credits and practice from home.

Workshops for improving employee's health

As an added value for our future cooperation, we also offer the organization of workshops for employees.

Efficiency in the workplace, organization of nutrition and meals, maintaining well-being, improving metabolism and the immune system, and increasing energy are just some of the topics on which we can educate your employees.

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