What are credits?
Training or service scheduling system. Each booking deducts a certain number of credits from your FitKit profile. At each top-up, the credits are valid for 30 days.
What are subscriptions?
Packages with access to activities and services. Depending on your subscription (S, M, L, or XL), you can access a gym or online workouts, spa treatments, FitKit Plus video programs, and free workout clothes or equipment.
What is the difference between FitKit and FitKit Plus?
FitKit Plus is just an added value to FitKit. You can access these video training programs using the mobile app with one of the packages or subscriptions.
How can I view FitKit Plus programs?

Through the FitKit application or directly at this link https://plus.fitkit.app.

After unlocking, how long do I have access to a FitKit Plus video program?
Еднаш ја отклучуваш и ја имаш достапна засекогаш на твојот FitKit Plus профил.
Do I need to book a class in advance?
Yes. Book a class through the selected subscription or pay with credits.
Can I cancel an already-scheduled class?
Yes. Cancellation of an appointment is possible only if it is done before the start of it. After cancellation, the credits will be returned to your account.
Can I cancel or upgrade my subscription?
Yes. Subscriptions can be canceled and upgraded at any time.
What will happen to my credits if I don't spend them within the stipulated period?
If you have a valid reason for not using them, you can request the credits to be transferred for the next month.
What happens to my credits if my class is canceled and I have already paid for it?
Credits will not fail. You can talk to the trainer and request that the code for the class is also valid for the next training or write us an e-mail requesting to return the credits.
Can I transfer my credits to another FitKit account?
No. Each FitKit account is individual and indivisible.
Where can I go for technical issues with the app?
E-mail us an e-mail (contact@fitkit.app), Фејсбук, Instagram, or LinkedIn and we will solve the problem as quickly as possible!