App for fitness trainers and studios

Create exercise and nutrition plans, prepare online courses, chat with clients, track their progress, share helpful content, collaborate with other fitness trainers, and more.

MyFitKit is a comprehensive application that simplifies and automates the work of wellness instructors, personal trainers, nutritionists, and fitness studios with just a few clicks.

Prepare personalized exercise plans

Create personalized exercise plans using our collection of over 2000 exercises to choose from.

In less than 60 seconds, you can create a workout that will fit the individual needs of your clients.

Create a nutritional plan

Prepare a detailed nutritional plan for eating according to your clients’ needs. Choose from a wide range of over 4000 food products and ingredients.

Bookmark your favorite foods and save meals for reuse.

Track clients progress

As clients record their progress, you, as a trainer, will have insight into their progress with just a few clicks.

You can choose to track their weight, body fat, heart rate, the circumference of specific body parts, and many other metrics.

Prepare interactive online courses

Create online courses for specific clients or groups of exercisers to help them reach their fitness goals more quickly.

The MyFitKit app is specially designed to support interactive online classes. During sessions, you and your clients can share messages, images, videos, and links in real-time.

Manage individual clients or groups of exercisers

MyFitKit app gives insight into your individual clients or groups of exercisers in a simple but effective way.

You can make countless combinations of clients with similar fitness goals with just a few clicks.

Collaborate with your fellow trainers

Allow access to the MyFitKit application to your fellow trainers. You can invite as many coaches as you want to the platform – there are no limits.

Chat in real-time

No need for additional chat apps. The MyFitKit app lets you chat with your clients, groups of exercisers, or fellow trainers in real-time.

MyFitKit Price List

There are no monthly fixed fees or binding contracts. You only pay if you have customers and depending on their number.

Start your MyFitKit journey today!